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This is where we get a chance to meet one another and become acquainted before the big day.   I will listen to your birth plan and cover techniques that will help you and your partner feel empowered, comforted and supported throughout the duration of your labor experience.  We will discuss your needs and desires regarding the birth and how I can best support the both of you.    

My sole focus during your labor and birth is to be your constant supporter and advocate. I will never leave your side, coaching you through techniques and positions to calm and comfort you.  Whether you choose a natural unmedicated labor or wish to have the relief from pain medications, I am dedicated to treating you with kindness, non-judgement and compassion.  As you welcome new life into this world, you should feel reassured, praised and safe.  I will work seamlessly with any other support people you have in the room and always with the utmost respect to your medical staff.  

As your postpartum doula, I will help you deal with all the challenges and transitions of new motherhood, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, and infant soothing.   The first weeks after you deliver is such a vulnerable time as you adjust to your new family life.  I will mother the mother so her sole focus can be on healing and bonding with your baby.  Postpartum Doulas are just women with hearts beating to serve other women.  It takes a village and I'd be honored to help your family during this special time.



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