These visits are designed for us to get to know each other and discover what exactly you are looking for in a Doula or "Professional Birth Coach" .  We will discuss your expectations, wants, needs and fears.  It’s my job to be prepared to constantly support your emotional and physical needs.  The better we know each other beforehand, the better I can guide you and support you through your journey.  We will develop your birth plan and your expectations of a doula.   I will  cover techniques that will help you and your partner feel empowered and supported throughout the duration of your labor experience.  There are many options to help you navigate through the birth process such as warm showers, massage, breathing techniques to promote relaxation and different labor positions.  I will introduce these options to your parter so we can both work together to best meet your needs.   As your coach, I am there to comfort you and your family and address your needs and concerns so working together prior to your birth is an essential part of the process.